Tin Foil Hat Time!


Good Evening! Episode 7 is up and Episode 8 is to follow very soon. Episode 7 we touch base on Conspiracy and all the fun that goes a long with them. As we wanted to really dive into the depth of the inner thoughts we mostly just played around with several ideas that flopped around.

We definately spoke of the one and only Alex Jones . He was a good fire starter with the Sandy Hook tragedy and really tapped into the depths of peoples pain and turned it into anger. If you have not heard or read up on what people believe about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting you probably should because at some point you will hear in your lifetime that some one you know does not believe it actually happened. The tragedy hit home for many of us with children and yes it was hard to beleive someone would go in and just shoot innocent children, but I do believe it happened and I do believe we need to leave the families alone. Come at us with your own theories.

We also talk about the great Larpers of the internet and one gentleman I followed for a while on twitter trying to understand his conspiracy about aliens, and how in the end, he was found out to be a fraud for tweets. (Sounds like some one, don’t you think?)

Also did you know that William Shakespear has his own hoax? Did you know someone actually has dug up enough theories on him that they believe he was not really a writer but just a fraud. Read more HERE 

After some time we of course bring up the one biggest conspiracy out there which is RELIGION. I am not even sure where to begin on religion so instead we talk about how religion has formed people into certain living lifestyles that they feel is so true that the rest of us are all a bunch of satanic assholes. Howeverr, through all the stories out there, we all know there is something bigger than us. It may be your god, their god, or it may just be the universe. Whatever your theory is on religion we know it has a following and a division like no other conpsiracy out there. However, without religion would we have more or less conspiracies out there? Would we still have a moral high groud to stand on? Maybe perhaps we would all realize that we stand on the same ground.

Listening on you will learn we definately go away from conspiracy and we go more into the great and awesomme rants of nothing. Pocahontas and Shakespeare, Seinfield, Miles and her sweet dance moves, I mean there is no end to how we completely get side tracked from the beginning. BUT ALAS! The Challenger!

Reading about the coverup from NASA on The Challenger was extremely disheartening. It ook a lot of years for the truth of that tragedy to come to light, but the truth did and it was not a conspiracy. NASA has since been hard to credit for honesty and so to the tin foil hats we understand where you are coming from.

We tap into JFK which means that we tapped into CHEETO and compared him to Gerald Ford. There is quite a few things to talk about with every president but this guy we have in office is beyond a disgrace to the presidency and most importantly he is so unimportant he does not even get a good conspiracy about him. As always, here is the current ratings of presidents.

I am tired and this blog kind of is mediochre. So I am going to go to bed, get ready for some fun travels in a few days and soon EPISODE 8!

Thanks for sticking this out!


Author: The Miles and Crawford Variety Hour

Who says Xennials can not have ambition!? We have no idea what we are doing but we are making podcasts, blogging, ranting and causing mayhem. We hope that some where, some how we make a difference and so until then... welcome to it..

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