On this Labor Day I have a lot going on and a lot to say but for now I want you to SAVE DACA!

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

This program was founded by President Obama in 2012 and there is no reason to end it. The program has helped many children who have started here in their youth; most without knowing they were not U.S. Citizens; stay here on a program. This is not about children crawling under bridges to pass drugs from one cartel to another, this is not about some wall that never needs built, this is not about terrorism. This program is to allow CHILDREN to keep their livelihood, their education, their hopes and dreams alive in America.


There is no reason whatsoever to end this program. This is systematic way for Trump to erase everything Obama put forth. This is not erasing history, this is erasing our future.

Learn everything you need to know HERE

Please, take your day off and do something good with it.

That is all.

Author: The Miles and Crawford Variety Hour

Who says Xennials can not have ambition!? We have no idea what we are doing but we are making podcasts, blogging, ranting and causing mayhem. We hope that some where, some how we make a difference and so until then... welcome to it..

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