Episode 9: Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll, Hurricanes, Sex Ed, and Caffeine!

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Flat Earth Society Dating Rules!

flat earth dating

What’s up with Flat Earth Society and their funky dating rules? If you read the Facebook group rules for “Flat Earth Match” to the left there you will see that because they believe in the God of the Bible, they just can’t condone gay folks. However, “Flat Earth has not only opened my eyes to truth, but has liberated my mind with a new vision and that is this: “I believe FE means more than just flat earth. It is a journey, a discovery and a revealing to what has been hidden. It is an epiphany and sudden realization of all truths interconnected through the rabbit hole.” yada yada yada. So much awakened minds but yet still so closed. Are you tired of people using religion as a shield or excusable defense to the gay life?

Let’s Pray this hurricane away, ya’ll!
pray hurricanes




….and then we have these fools.