How things start

This is how things start with our podcast . . . how we get diverted… a lot and we laugh a lot but there usually is a forum that gets written out. The written word is about as scattered as our podcast but there is at least links and everything else. So here is how my rough draft for the latest episode starts and then we just meander the fuck around until we figure it out.

Dont be so judgemental but we would love some feedback.

Here it is:

Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll was a song originally written by a gent named Ian Dury and only sold about 19,000 copies in 1977 in London. The song was never intentionally meant to be a Punk Rock Anthem, however it did turn into that as it came right at the height of the Punk scene in London.  Credit is due to Ian Dury for coming up with Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. From here we will explore the adoration of all. (insert the song in the background?)


Sex: What is sex and what would we be without it? Well obviously none of us would be alive today if it was not for its scathey livlihood. The history of sex goes back so many generations,decades, and hundreds of years to go over its history would be an entire season of a podcast show. We also know that sex; and what people define it as; has been problematic in society for a very long time. There has been many studies of sex, why we act the way we do in the bedroom, how we choose our partners as well as what does it actually take to get a woman off. We also know that from Buddhism to Christianity what and how people do the deed depends a lot on their culture. In Rome as long as men were the dominate one they could swing either homosexually or heterosexually as long as they were the one in charge. In China women were ‘valued’ on their virginity and in Japan having a sexual appetite was healthy but yet also just meant for the men.  French Polynesia has had the most open minds about sexuality and for some westerners it may be too open when it comes to extramarital affairs, kids as young as 11 having sex, and no safe guarding kids from the sounds and watchings of adults having intercourse.

What I did find out reading through articles is that the more a civilization/culture/country has relied on strict condemnation of sexuality the higher the rates of STDs as well as cures for STDs are. If you keep everything so TABOO even a government has a hard time trying to get help to the people who need it because people think it shouldn’t exist. To quote from Wiki “The desire for respectability and the belief that all aspects of human behavior might be brought under government control has until recently mandated to official Chinese spokesmen that they maintain the fiction of sexual fidelity in marriage, absence of any great frequency of premarital sexual intercourse, and total absence in China of the so-called “decadent capitalist phenomenon” of homosexuality. The result of the ideological demands preventing objective examination of sexual behavior in China has, until very recently, made it extremely difficult for the government to take effective action against sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. At the same time, large migrations to the cities coupled with China’s gender imbalance and significant amounts of unemployment have led to resurgence of prostitution in unregulated venues, a prominent accelerant of the propagation of STDs to many ordinary members of society.”

What we need to learn is that Sex is Sex and human behavior about sex has changed. We know that the sex revolution per se happened in the 60s and 70s and we are still keeping our options and our bodies open. More importantly what we need to remember is that if you are not in someone’s bedroom then you do not need to care what is going on in there and if you are in someone’s bedroom then everything you are doing must be consensual on both the female and male perspective. Always have safe words if you are trying something new and allow no one to judge you for what you feel internally. ALSO USE PROTECTION!


Drugs: Well… drugs. There is a lot to be said about drugs these days with the opioid epidemic going on as well as the legalization of marijuana.  There are pros and cons to drugs and there is also many different grades of drugs, from over the counter to the black market drugs have been a part of our society for a very long time and how we have handled them has always been questionable. We know about the drug and LSD trials throughout history, especially on our soldiers and during slavery. Potions were being formed during the salem witch trials and even in the ancient times of rome people were creating mixtures to create health or death. There is a long history to drugs and so I find it difficult into what reach we want to begin this part. I have found a fascinating article that was written back in 2015

A majority of our “war on drugs” is tied to money, racism, and overall bigotry. What we can cure with simple, cheap and effective drugs that are considered “street drugs” is beyond comprehension as to why they are illegal. Every drug we have on the market can and will be abused by the randos. This is just simply a way of finding out cause and effect. I know that I personally have never taken LSD or Ecstasy due my neurological issues and within fear I created for myself never wanted to get to a high I would or may never come down from. I fear what these could do to me although I have tried Shrooms. Shrooms were the most natural thing for me to try and know that a majority of the high would come from the dosage amount. I remember when doctors told me to quit smoking marijuana because it could be the root cause of my seizures only to find out that marijuana is actually helpful for epileptic patients. However marijuana is not something that usually has many adverse side effects to it, and at most you could possibly get too stoned and too high and send yourself into a panic/anxiety attack if you don’t learn your own body enough before handling it.  I quit smoking marijuana a few years back because of my jobs however I do still take a nice little high here and there especially over holiday seasons. I do not go back to smoking a few bowls as much as I take a few hits and get myself in a nice comfy spot and rest in ways I never can without it. Marijuana was never a gateway drug and in fact I think the lack of marijuana is the real gateway as to why people are doing harder drugs. Oh of course you have those who started with marijuana and “NEEDED” a new high but the truth is those are the kind of people who have addictive personalities and have an extremely hard time functioning within society itself. That is not to say doing drugs like LSD or Coke is necessarily a bad thing either, in fact Coca-Cola truly had cocaine in it for years. It was all about moderation. Cocaine is extremely addictive and for that reason alone I never sniffed my way into it. I heard about people feeling like God while on it, able to do things they never thought possibly with their sexual life and their physical life because cocaine made them feel so amazing. I know that if for a few hours I could feel painless and powerful I would never want to come down and I hear the crash is pretty damn hard. I know who I am well enough to know that cocaine was never an option for me but it was for my friends. I give no cares what drug you do as long as you stay a positive productive human being in society who does not spew bigotry, hate, or condemnation upon others. Also don’t be a hypocrite, just because you smoke marijuana does not in fact make you better than a pill popper. To each their own.


Rock and Roll

Where the hell would we be without rock and roll? How changed would we would have been without Elvis Presley’s’ swinging hips or Johnny Cash’s Deep dark voice? How could we tell the new generation their music sucks if we had never had Jimmy Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen? Where would we be without the lyrics of Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin? How could we have learned to get high without Led Zeppelin and who the hell would those rednecks listen to without Lynyrd Skynyrd? The history of Rock and Roll is a history of perversion, anger, drugs, alcohol, and living life as the scum of the rich mans shoe. We are a people who have generated our lifetime from the very beginnings of Rock and Roll and we continue on for it.

This is where it ends. Have fun. Add on to it. Thanks!

Author: The Miles and Crawford Variety Hour

Who says Xennials can not have ambition!? We have no idea what we are doing but we are making podcasts, blogging, ranting and causing mayhem. We hope that some where, some how we make a difference and so until then... welcome to it..

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