Episode 34: Rant Cast! Public Shaming, Parenting and In God We Trust!

Episode 34:: Signing off and saying farewell:

This week we sign off on Season 2. Miles is going away on a business trip, Crawford will be filling in solo style or with friend interviews!! How much fun!!

We start off with Miles saying farewell to one of her favorite podcast hosts Chris from @Dopeypodcast #dopeynation #staystrong

Crawford dives into some really interesting facts and figures of #publicshaming  #freerangeparenting gets brought up as well


Miles goes on a damn tangent as usual

Apologies.. There is a lot of cussing and anger

Then they talk about in God We Trust, Equality and

This week they feature the promotion of @STPaulFilmcast their information can be found here



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Author: The Miles and Crawford Variety Hour

Who says Xennials can not have ambition!? We have no idea what we are doing but we are making podcasts, blogging, ranting and causing mayhem. We hope that some where, some how we make a difference and so until then... welcome to it..

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