Back at it! Promise this time!

Hey guys its been a while sincce we have updated with an actual blog post. The podcast archive page will be updated by the weekend and life will at some point become normal for us again. We are not normal, so I am not even sure how normal anything can be any more.
There is a renewed sense of life going on and little by little Crawford and I are gtting our selves in a place where we can really go back to the dedication. We know its been hard waiting patiently by, but have no fear, we really are back!
Season 3 kicks off with the same variety and ridiculousness as usual with some sentimental emotion comings as well. We are working on interviews, time lines, and hopefully of course a PODSGIVING with some local pods! OOOOOOOO wouldn’t that just be the bees knees??? Do bees even have kees?
I am truly behind in an update about our local politics, in fact we have been talkinga bout it for so long that it deserves its own blog post, and yes, in fact that too is coming by this weekned.
We appreciate all the love we have received and we love watching our listen numbers increase little by little.
We have been working on a lot of things on the side and can not wait for them to come together. Until the next post–WHICH WILL BE SOON I PROMISE–thank you for always looking out for us.
Also to the great PODCAST PANDEMONIUM fantasy league–WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS WEEK … maybe.. hopefully… ehhhh….. lets see…

Author: The Miles and Crawford Variety Hour

Who says Xennials can not have ambition!? We have no idea what we are doing but we are making podcasts, blogging, ranting and causing mayhem. We hope that some where, some how we make a difference and so until then... welcome to it..

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