AOL, Caffeine, Nicotine, and Death! (06.30.2017)

Some times you have to lighten up the mood, and you need to dive in to some regular conversation. There is a lot of hope out there in the world and there is a lot of damage too, however we need to find a little bit of a limelight for our souls. We can not fix the world all at once but one by one we can fix the world; or however that saying goes; and we hope that the podcast this week helps lighten up the more heavier previous and future posts.

Want to remember AOL? What was your screen name? Do you even log in any more? Does anyone have a disc for free minutes still floating around in their old CD spindle? Good days are behind us, and the classics will always remain true to our heart.

Discussion on writing is always a hard one. How do you feel about your own writing? (Feedback is necessary) Did Hemingway have it right with his rum bottle? Did Hunter S. Thompson find his voice through his drug and alcohol use? Up for debate always why alcohol and drugs inspire people on a deeper level.

We briefly speak of the wonderful month of June which is PRIDE month!We support all of our friends and family that are a part, an ally, an advocate of the LGBTQIA community. We respect you however your self has designed you to be and although not eloquently spoken we do wrap our hands around your beautiful selves.

Rant Time begins!

Oil spills, the earth, how are we not taking care of the very thing we live on? We can not figure out how people would rather have wealth in their pocket than a future. Some things are beyond the realm of sanity and there is no fighting that.

On to varying degrees we put our spin on the service industry; We Salute our Shorts to you; and this is one industry both Miles and Crawford know deeply. IN all honesty, quit giving fake tips on Sundays, no one appreciates it.

When is the next podcast? Well currently we both have been overbooked in life however this week we are going to catch up, roll, and laugh on. Episode 4 is going to be great and all about the great FREEDOM!

Suffering Through The Addiction (06.16.2017)

Episode 2 we gathered together again in a lovely garage to talk about the opioid epidemic and the realities many of us are living in the state of Ohio. Sitting down trying to take this as serious as possible but at the same time we also throw a few chuckles in there to keep this a little light-hearted.
  As you listen in, you will hear us speak of what we see in obituaries, where we are lacking in funds, and how it has personally affected us. We both know this epidemic is beyond words and has come so far out of our grasp that no one can get a hold on what is going on. We know that the information we put out is nothing new nor are we listing the daily news with numbers. We are speaking out from watching what is happening in our area, how it stops society, how it challenges the job market, etc. Crowd control is not the answer.
  Mental Health and the Opioid Epidemic really do go hand in hand, they are a married couple that fights to stay together. We know not every one can cope with their mental health without medication and we understand that as much as we understand some will do everything they possibly can in the most natural way in order to stay away from medication.  Whatever works for you, please allow it to work for you and not against you, most of all do not judge or be a dick to those who do things differently for themselves. Each of us are our own vessels and none were designed the same, please allow others to seek their help in the way that suits them.
Are you finding help? Do you know what we could speak more about? Do you have ideas that we just never spoke about? Do you feel that the nation has failed this epidemic or do you feel this is a to each their own? Please give us feedback.

This is where we are supposed to be engaging 06/04/2017

Placeholder Image Let us give you a bit of a better introduction as we feel that this is a good place to probably let that happen.
There is two of us who have decided that we are human beings that want to put something out there in the universe in hopes of becoming something more than what we are. It could all be metaphorical but who knows. Either way we feel that the best thing to do is to be ourselves and talk to you in the way that we talk to each other, our friends, and our loved ones. Its going to be honest, brutal, incoherent at times, and there maybe some old grandpa style rambling in between on both the blog and the podcast. However we feel that you are smart enough to understand the reality that we are humans.
Our first podcast was such a wonderful time even though it was completely frustrating. We had solidly 1.5hrs of GOOD pod casting on there and BAM! Computer froze! Lost forever! Okay so lets start again… so we did… actual we started several more times and then finally we got it…
We are still learning about sound editing so I can promise you it will not sound refined, however we are not refined so we find it a bit on the suiting side. What to expect in the future? Good times and lots of laughter. We are a brash duo that will do our best to suite the needs of all things P.C. but we will probably end up offending someone at some point, so cheers to that!
Until the next time
Welcome to Miles and Crawford and our first podcast that takes you on quite the journey to whatever it is we talked about a few days ago. Enjoy.  – Miles & Crawford