Okay so the story went something like this


Several weeks ago we ranted and raved about the disfunctions of the town I live in and the one Crawford use to live in. A small town can be many things to many people for certain reasons, some of us do not know why we are still here but we are so we have to take the good with bad. Small towns also can blossom and flourish and again this is a very pro/con situation. When a town starts to develop its sense of self they have this ideal of what their town should be instead of what it actually is. New factories move in, people start to grow their small town businesses, schools start to get upgraded, city streets start to get cleaner, and things over all from an outside perspective seem … hunky dory. (where did that phrase come from? is that an Ohio thing?)

However outside perception is just that and from inside point of view you start to see all the problems. New factories have gone up but wages stagger, cost of living goes up but again wages stagger, the places that were easy and conveinent for those middle to lower class folk start to move more and more to the outside of the town limits and suddenly you need taxis to get any where you use to be able to on foot. New small businesses are great but again they are priced for prosperity and located in an area of where the money makers work so they can spend their cash quickly and efficently while feeling good that they are shopping small. Taxis are great, but when its just one company their prices can be a bit hard on the folks who don’t have the means to even buy a car in the first place. The growth of businesses does not always mean a growth of things to do besides shop, eat, and spend money you don’t have which puts children at risk of boredum and therefore they find ways to occupy their minds that aren’t always the most productive. We have no arcardes, not one really damn good book store, and though the coffee shops are great only one really feels like home. There is a lot of pro and a lot of con where I live and I stay here because well–I have two boys who I know will like to push the boundaries of my parental guidance and when they decide to do something stupid there is not a street, back alley, or hiding spot that I did not already explore once myself. I will catch you when you are out past curfew and I will find you when you are not where you are supposed to be. I am a mother and by nature I am a hunter for my young which means I can also hunt my young and sniff them out of every corner of this town. This may not be a great analogy for it, but it is the truth. I live here because I know the schools, I know the kids, I know the views of most parents here, I know a lot of things about the intricacies of this town and therefore it has brought me some stupid feeling of security. NO ONE IS SAFE ANY MORE—yeah I get your talk–but for me I get to live in my lala land okay?

Past all of these things we have a town that is ran by a Mayor that is our first female Mayor in history. She has done a lot for this town in forms of bringing in new business, but besides that her “bed side manner”isn’t exactly all what she proclaims it to be. She simply had an idea of what she wanted her town to look like and has gone forth with her vision no matter what her town says, because well we keep reelecting her. We are extremly republican, with a republican female mayor and we have an entire city council made of republicans and therefore whatever goes on gets done. There is a sense of transparency, don’t get me wrong, its one thing I will give them, they do try to make things transparent even if it doesnt seem like it. There is not as many back alley deals as there is in in other places, but there is also this sense of injustice here. We have some weird homicides that have never been looked at since the day they happened, we have a lot of fires that involve old buildings ran by the same person, and we have a lot of unexplained deaths that dont get coronor reports for months and months. We also have a lot of privalege here and if you have you it you dont notice it, but when you dont have it you can see it plain as day.  So when the case of 830 E. Sandusky Street came up it was all too clear how our mayor intends to run this town. So here it is how it began:

A gentleman who lives in our town (Leguire property) bought a house a few years ago that is our flood zone and was had access to his house during flooding only through the rear enterance of his yard. His back yard happens to go by two streets that have been out of use for a long time now and have been completely overgrown. This gentleman and his very large family live a very authentic lifestyle, they do a lot of their own planting, herbal growing, and a lifestyle that is not what some of us would consider ‘normal’. but I am not here to judge because after all freedom right? He was having some problems with a neighbor who did not approve of his ability to let weeds grow; mind you he lets some of these grow for the insects and bugs that this is natural food for; and this neighbor started ot just make things difficult. In order to help this neighbor not have to see what was going on a fence was being built, but now that means that nosey neighbor couldnt peer over and compalin any more so the neighbor went to the mayor. This was at first what many towns would see as a neighborhood dispute–but not our town. No our town got invovled because someones mother is friends with the Mayor and advised that she needed to get involved. So she did. Not only did our mayor come onto this gentlemans property in the middle of afternoon hoping he wasnt home, she even took up vacating streets AFTER the inspectors for such said this was an unnecessary act to do. She has done just about everything to make this family life very hard, and even when he confronted her about it she advised that perhaps it would be in his best interest to move to some other town where people like him would be more accepted.
Yeah you can read that last line again, it still bothers me to no end.
So when the vacating of the street starting to happen democracy for once took action. Him and his family went around door knocking, walking the pavements,and got enough signature on his petition that it would stop the mayor and her actions for now.Which is amazing what happens when ordinary citizens take actions in their hands and start doing the dirty work themselves. Don’t worry, she is trying to put a new definition of RIGHT OF WAY on streets and what vacating streets will now allow, because if she does lose this she will make sure she doesnt lose any more. (Sigh)
Does this all sound quite trite to you? It almost doesnt even seem like a thing we should make a blog about? But see that is where you are wrong. Small towns make up a lot of view points and they are bored the most so they are the ones online trolling people with their thoughts, opinions, and grandmas best recipes. They are the ones who are doing a lot of hard work, making efforts in their towns that go unnoticed nationally. When you make a difference locally it turns into a bigger and broader scale. I am quite proud of this little action from a gentleman and his family who showed our town that we can change the way this town works if we got off our computers long enough to make it happen. Though I did not do this story any justice, there is a lot to read up on it so please go visit his facebook page and watch the videos, and see for yourself what he has done.


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