Episode 32! Women in Health Series Part 3: Henrietta Lacks!! Check your lady bits! And other healthy reminders of being a woman.


This episode is filled with great information and knowledge! We talk about womens health, women of color, the Serena Williams story is here on Vogue, not VOX as Miles thought, but she had read the follow up on VOX. https://www.vogue.com/article/serena-williams-vogue-cover-interview-february-2018

Episode 31: Women’s Issues, Part 2! Equal Pay, Equal Respect, Equality for all!


MC Variety Hour-ish is back after a bit of a hiatus to talk about Women’s Issues! Part 2/4 we talk about equality, specifically women in the medical field, peppered with rants and lovely offshoots into other issues women face, this episode is full of estrogen packed fun! Join us!

Episode 30: Dirty 30! Pt. 1 Women’s Health: Sex ED, Abortion & Birth Control

Part 1/4 of our Women’s Health Series, we discuss abortion & and it’s history, birth control, and the need for access to preventative & wellness care. Peppered with variety as always. Scroll to bottom for resources and some show notes



Information about the Title X gag rule can be read here: Title X

Trump does not understand even basic HIV vs HPV 

Wiki information

Episode 29: The History of Dr. Who Fighting Tacos & Eating Bears

The results are in from our poll on topics we should talk about. So here it is everyone, Tacos, History, Dr. Who! Bears almost made the cut, but not one to back down from a challenge, MC Variety Hour wrapped it all up in one neat little conversation. Join us!

Show Notes:

Episode 29!: #tacos #history #beer #drwho


New UFO Sightings?

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