Episode 8: Racism, Heritage, Ugly Crying, Lamps & Back to Garrett!


MC Variety Hour is back this time with another enthralling episode where we meander through a conversation about Racism, current events in the news, White Supremacy, veer off into ugly crying, passion for ugly lamps, and finally get back to Garrett.


From August 17th 2017

A while back ago I started to work on a piece about Charlottesville and have not been able to get back to it until today. We are recording Episode 9 tonight and I know we are going to touch base on the very atrocity of …. well…. humans.

I have been under the impression that enough tweets, articles, pictures, and Facebook posts from others would somehow help me define my words and angst. I even got extremely drunk one night and Marco Polo’d ( a Great app that you should all check out) a friend about the state of my nation. I have attempted to talk, speak, voice to text and calmly discuss. All of these things, all of them. Then it dawned on me after lunch on a Thursday that it was about time that I said something.

What is happening to our nation is nothing that should be shocking or new. We have been waging wars with other countries for hundreds of years to distract our own selves from the destruction of our own nation. I am fighting internally as a white woman from a small white Republican town in Ohio as to where my anger, my pain, my voice should be placed but I know that my voice is my own and no matter how hard you may try to define me and what I have to say, these are my words to own and not yours. I hope you respect my words; even if you do not agree; just as I will respect your counter-point as long as it to talk to me and not down to me.

I follow every article that Shaun King writes and I listen to every podcast that WellRed produces. My daily news sources are NPR and AlJazeera while my local channels of WTOL and WLIO are just as important to me. I dabble within CNN and sometimes even get a kick out of watching the latest FOX NEWS episodes here and there, but I will tell you that I do not try to stay in an echo chamber. I will watch C-Span and ESPN as well follow conspiracy’s on REDDIT and the best WHOLESOME MEMEs that it can produce. I binge watch Game of Thrones and Regular Show, I have at least 3 Rick and Morty shirts and one that supports my love of Adventure Time.  If you do not follow Father Nathan Monk on Facebook you should, you should also follow Humans of New York and of course for your daily dose of love Suzies Senior Dogs. I am a news junkie and avid book reader, I do not believe journalism is the same since Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite, and the late Peter Jennings were on the air. MTV is nothing without Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren.  I explain all this to you for you to understand I take social media seriously and its overall impact on society.

Today I sit at work coffee in hand and my job probably in disarray as I have focused so hard on the social impact of instant information that I have forgotten how simply important my work ethic use to be.  My kids went off to their first day of school yesterday and all I could think of was; are they going to talk about Charlottesville? I took my dogs for a walk and I saw an African American man crossing the street and the only thing I could think was; if I don’t look at him and smile will he think I am against him? I went to the store and saw a young woman in front of me and I thought to myself; I wonder who she voted for? I went to go pay for my gas and I looked over at a construction worker wondering if he was making good money this summer to feed his life? These thoughts are all too consuming and though are coming from a great place takes me away from the greatest place I should be—inside myself positively. I don’t think I can look at myself in the mirror anymore without consistently thinking of others and if any thing I am doing is ever going to be enough to fix this place I am in. I no longer can look at my children with hope and glory as I wonder if they will even have a nation to call a home or be able to grow up as adults with a little less worry on their shoulders. MY CHILDREN. I know they are going to make a difference—but are they really? If they do make a difference is it going to be the difference that I am proud of? If I do my job right as a mother; which who the hell even know what that means anymore; will they grow up to open doors for elderly and always remember their manners?

I am distraught and tired of the world hating each other for reasons that we can not even begin to talk about without sincere emotion. We can not even talk about a piece of metal in a park without talking about it passionately. I believe that we are on the wrong side of history and the fact is, we have been for a really long time. I believed in our nation as a young person because standing for the pledge of the allegiance felt like it meant something to me, watching fireworks made me cry; well they still do, and I was so excited to do projects on the presidents of this nation. I believed in the wars we fought because they were for the betterment of society and I also believed in the protests of Vietnam. I knew that with every pro there was a con and sometimes all you knew of were the pros because the cons were so terrifying that you would never sleep right again. We were taught and we saw the errors of humanity, we knew going into this life what could happen when we acted on impulse and reaction without slowing down our insatiable desire for instantaneous results. I, like a naïve child that I was, believed that we would learn from Hiroshima, Vietnam, Slavery, and The Holocaust. I thought my lifetime’s history was going to be glorious in progress, friendship, mending together broken language barriers, and love for all.

I was wrong.

I want to state that sentence again. I WAS WRONG.

My generation did not fail me, my parents did not fail me, hell, even this nation did not fail me. I failed. I failed in the acknowledgment of truth around me and I failed in the acknowledgment that change was not really happening. I failed in the bubble I lived in and I failed in the family and friends I did not speak up to earlier. I failed society by becoming consumed with my sense of self. I had a duty as an American citizen to be something more than I am and I didn’t because I was trying to fix who I was instead of who you were.
“I didn’t because I was trying to fix who I was instead of who you were. “ We are so consumed with trying to better who we are for our mental health, for our family, for our jobs, for our friends and for our lively hoods and all along we were supposed to be fixing you instead. It is you who brought us here. It was your encouraging posters with a cat hanging from a window and your defining of achievement by showing a runner going up an empty stadium of stairs. All this time while we were attempting to make sure that we were becoming the best and the brightest, the smartest and the prettiest we let you down. You were the ones that needed the attention. All those racist, homophobic, gun loving, only right if you’re white kind of folk, those were the ones who needed us the most. We should have put aside all of our own dreams, aspirations, and goals just to make sure they were fixed, cared for and caressed. We needed to stop living for ourselves and started living for them. They needed fixing a long time ago and we put them in the shadows and in the corners, we never noticed just so we could be better human beings ourselves. (Deep Deep Rolling Eyes)Image result for eye rolling vector

I hope you understand that my heart is breaking every day. I am ashamed of how hard it is to become a good person anymore. Between stagnant wage growth, inequality of sexes, discrimination of color, and the brutal uprising of blatant show no fear killings. I am not sure where HOPE comes from anymore. I am not sure where I can walk or who I can talk to about this pain I feel every day for people I will never meet. I do not know how to stop my anger from boiling inside of me every time I see some kind of racist fuck twat march in the street to spray paint a Nazi symbol on a driveway. I can not teach my children that the world is a safe place but telling them DANGER DANGER DANGER! I no longer can walk with my head held high, NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE SHAMED ME but because I AM ASHAMED of what my color, my heritage, and my nation have done not to me but to themselves. I do not know what choice you give us but to rise, resist, and act on impulse.
America. I do not know who you are and although you may be where my feet walk every day and where my body works every day and even though my taxes are paid every day to the people who run this atrocity of a government I can no longer call this my home.

This is not my home. This is not how I was raised and this is not how I will be defined.

As for you .. Mr….. what are you in because you are certainly not our president and you are certainly not a leader … to you… You soul-less prick I hope you understand that you have failed no one as promised you showed us exactly who you are.

Tin Foil Hat Time!


Good Evening! Episode 7 is up and Episode 8 is to follow very soon. Episode 7 we touch base on Conspiracy and all the fun that goes a long with them. As we wanted to really dive into the depth of the inner thoughts we mostly just played around with several ideas that flopped around.

We definately spoke of the one and only Alex Jones . He was a good fire starter with the Sandy Hook tragedy and really tapped into the depths of peoples pain and turned it into anger. If you have not heard or read up on what people believe about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting you probably should because at some point you will hear in your lifetime that some one you know does not believe it actually happened. The tragedy hit home for many of us with children and yes it was hard to beleive someone would go in and just shoot innocent children, but I do believe it happened and I do believe we need to leave the families alone. Come at us with your own theories.

We also talk about the great Larpers of the internet and one gentleman I followed for a while on twitter trying to understand his conspiracy about aliens, and how in the end, he was found out to be a fraud for tweets. (Sounds like some one, don’t you think?)

Also did you know that William Shakespear has his own hoax? Did you know someone actually has dug up enough theories on him that they believe he was not really a writer but just a fraud. Read more HERE 

After some time we of course bring up the one biggest conspiracy out there which is RELIGION. I am not even sure where to begin on religion so instead we talk about how religion has formed people into certain living lifestyles that they feel is so true that the rest of us are all a bunch of satanic assholes. Howeverr, through all the stories out there, we all know there is something bigger than us. It may be your god, their god, or it may just be the universe. Whatever your theory is on religion we know it has a following and a division like no other conpsiracy out there. However, without religion would we have more or less conspiracies out there? Would we still have a moral high groud to stand on? Maybe perhaps we would all realize that we stand on the same ground.

Listening on you will learn we definately go away from conspiracy and we go more into the great and awesomme rants of nothing. Pocahontas and Shakespeare, Seinfield, Miles and her sweet dance moves, I mean there is no end to how we completely get side tracked from the beginning. BUT ALAS! The Challenger!

Reading about the coverup from NASA on The Challenger was extremely disheartening. It ook a lot of years for the truth of that tragedy to come to light, but the truth did and it was not a conspiracy. NASA has since been hard to credit for honesty and so to the tin foil hats we understand where you are coming from.

We tap into JFK which means that we tapped into CHEETO and compared him to Gerald Ford. There is quite a few things to talk about with every president but this guy we have in office is beyond a disgrace to the presidency and most importantly he is so unimportant he does not even get a good conspiracy about him. As always, here is the current ratings of presidents.

I am tired and this blog kind of is mediochre. So I am going to go to bed, get ready for some fun travels in a few days and soon EPISODE 8!

Thanks for sticking this out!


Before I head off into the wind, I almost got scammed

The rest of the month I am on the road, first up NASHVILLE! then I am home for 3 days to go to Las Vegas and then again back to Las Vegas. Real life sucks and I wish I could take what I am passionate about and turn it into a way that I could make money off of it.  I travel throughout the year but this month with my job it is a back to back to back kind of thing. Seriously, though who wants to be my sugar? Daddy or Mommy either way I am totally cool.

Currently we are in the middle of editing some back to back episodes that I find to be pretty good. I am pretty excited for what episode 10 and episode 20 will become with our talents and perhaps we will get this shit down and make a living off of it. However at the rate our government is trying to kill us, we will see if we can ever make it that far. Seriously those two idiots need to pull their dicks out and find out who wins. Sadly, I am still sure we would lose.


I was reminded recently of how absolutely ignorant I can be sometimes.  Two days ago I start chatting with a lady about the possibility of a stay at home job. We are talking it up, we are doing a lot of back and forth and suddenly I notice this feeling in my body that says ‘Dude Miles you are a fucking idiot’. I was after all a fucking idiot and realized that I was being scammed. However, the great thing is they sent me a $5,000 check that I won’t cash because that is how they get your bank information, also I reported them to the BBB and to the other scam catcher sites. I also then told them that I knew they were scamming me. Cool. Cool. Ugh. I swear, if it sounds like a good gig, it is not. So remember a few things:

*Ask questions
*If they want to call you but you not call them, its a scam
*If they misspell a word; like where they got your information from; it is a scam
*Call the company they are pretending to be and ask them if they are hiring stay at home jobs

Also if all they get from you is your house address you do need to call your post master and advise them that you are not in fact changing your address, nor will you be changing your address any time soon. IF YOU GAVE OUT FINANCIAL information; which you should never do to any one you can not physically  meet in person; you need to get a hold of every government scam site and let them know as well as your bank, your social security agency, etc. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to any one that you have not in fact done your research on and of course meet in person. Please be safe out there. And remember to stay tuned as we are fine tuning our site, our episodes, and will be a work in progress. We promise you that we are continually trying to make ourselves better.


Tiny Town Bartending & Political Conversations in Trump Country.

Bartenders listen to conversation all day, every day. Here’s an average day for me.

Image result for upper sandusky aerialI live and work in a small farming community in Ohio. 70% of the county voted for Donald Trump. I work as a part-time bartender and listen to the majority of our patrons discuss politics and current issues regularly, as the news is always on at least one TV. The one thing I keep hearing is how he’s ‘shaking things up, tearing down the establishment!’ from people. Maybe that’s true, and while we do need reform in Washington I don’t think that Donald Trump is the way to go. As referenced in the Mother Jones article linked at the end of this post- Politico obtained a transcript of his interview with WSJ, here is unedited Donald, giving non answers and stringing vague, nonsensical words into sentences:

BAKER: What have you been doing, Mr. President, sort of behind the scenes?



“You know, a lot of people say – they say, well, but the United States is large. And then you call places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and you say, you know, how many people do you have? And it’s pretty amazing how many people they have.”


What boggles my mind is the fact that these people listen to him talk but don’t seem to hear, process, or absorb-there is no substance or depth to his words. Trump is and always been just a salesman, talking in doublespeak and trying to make a quick sale. It’s such a whirlwind of an experience that a person is nodding along agreeing to what he says without realizing none of it made any sense- but there sure were a lot of words and assurances that they like to hear.

I struggle everyday listening to the conversations, but keeping my own very different opinion of politics to myself behind a frozen smile. Something I heard the other day after the news about Transgender people in the military was “Good! I don’t like those people they ain’t right!” or “Well I don’t agree with those people anyways, those are sick people!” “He’s gonna build a wall and get rid of the all the illegals, who are just feeding off the system anyways!” Again, this is a farming community with a robust migrant community in the summer picking months…. If they met a Transgender person and didn’t know they were Transgender, thanked them for their service, shook their hand, would they  then recoil when finding out the military personnel they just showered with accolades was a transgender person?

I guess I should mention I live in a extremely religious town, with 10 churches for a population of just over 7,000 in town in a county with a population of 22,000. I hear over and over again how people love what he’s doing but don’t give specifics, like they just enjoy the chaos and doom on TV everyday, as though politics were or are a reality show. Are they right though? So many people want things to change in Washington. Is Trump the catalyst? Will he be our turning point? Will America finally look at it’s ugly reflection in the mirror and see the deep lines of shame, the wrinkles of stagnation and archaic views, her cruel superficial eyes staring back? Will we resolve to do better?   How much longer will our elected officials hold out, putting party and personal interests before country?  I hope this is the catalyst, the ending to what 9/11 kicked off in this country.  I worry everyday about our future, the world we are giving to our own children, their children and down the line.

I realize that older generations have seen chaos and craziness at times in this country, but it always brought about change in one way or another. Which way will we swing this time? How far will fall behind or will we leap ahead into a new era focused on knowledge, prosperity for all, conservation and a clean environment, probing into new sciences and medical breakthroughs? Will I finally get a darn flying car?


Donald Trump Knows Nothing About Health Care, Taxes, or Trade