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Miles and Crawford are back together and it feels so good!

Miles and Crawford finally were able to make a late night get together happen! We catch up the in the world of Crawfod, Miles grand stands on a soap box, and we talk #metoo #wetoo #himtoo #timesup #bodylanguage we also give many shoutouts to @marriedasfuck @WDIMpodcast @MillerRachelD @WAFLproductions . Put in your earbuds and be prepared to find out what is going on next!


Season 3! So much Variety! Politics, Laughter and Cats!

Welcome BACK! OH! What a hiatus that was! Don’t worry Miles and Crawford are back in the same room! There is lots of cats, lots of talk, and lots of variety. We talk everything from @JenFackler to #adventuretimeseriesfinale Politics, laughter and all things set aside it ends with a very heartfelt moment from Crawford talking about some very personal issues. This is definitely an episode you don’t want to forget!
#nophonypodcastnetwork #wlipodpeeps #podernfamily #womenwhopod #podcasts
Many shout outs this episode as well, so listen up and you’ll find out who you are!

Mini-Series w/Crawford! Shawn Guest Hosts! Vets, The VA, BB Shorts &Dogs!

This episode Crawford’s amazing friend Shawn guest hosts this hour! A Veteran of the Navy, he gives his perspective of the care he receives and also his views on healthcare overall! We discuss the amazing gift that is the basketball short, our pets, politics, and some awesome stories from travels abroad! Join us for another awesome hour of variety! #nohponynetwork #podernfamily #VA #Vets

Mini-Sode with Crawford! Government Experiments & Lies! Miller Guest co-hosts

While Miles is away Crawford will play! This week I invite guest host “Miller” on to the show to discuss known experiments done on citizens by their own government, conspiracy theories and..random rants about humanity in general! Be prepared for some ridiculous jokes, weird banter, and all around true variety! #governmentexperiments #nophonynetwork #conspiracies #podernfamily #weirdos #minisode

source material:

The 30 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History

The 6 Most Evil Human Experiments Perpetrated By The U.S. Government

Episode 34: Rant Cast! Public Shaming, Parenting and In God We Trust!

Episode 34:: Signing off and saying farewell!
This week we sign off on Season 2. Miles is going away on a business trip, Crawford will be filling in solo style or with friend interviews!! How much fun!!
We start off with Miles saying farewell to one of her favorite podcast hosts Chris from @Dopeypodcast #dopeynation #staystrong
Crawford dives into some really interesting facts and figures of #publicshaming #freerangeparenting gets brought up as well.

A History of Shaming in America and Its Modern Revival

Miles goes on a damn tangent as usual
Apologies.. There is a lot of cussing and anger
Then they talk about in God We Trust, Equality and
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Episode 33: Womens Issues part 3 Henrietta Lacks! Check your lady bits and other healthy reminders for women!

This episode is filled with great information and knowledge! We talk about womens health, women of color, the Serena Williams story is here on Vogue, not VOX as Miles thought, but she had read the follow up on VOX. https://www.vogue.com/article/serena-williams-vogue-cover-interview-february-2018

Episode 31: Womens Issues part 2 Equal Pay, Respect, Equality for all!

MC Variety Hour-ish is back after a bit of a hiatus to talk about Women’s Issues! Part 2/4 we talk about equality, specifically women in the medical field, peppered with rants and lovely offshoots into other issues women face, this episode is full of estrogen packed fun! Join us!


Episode 30: Dirty 30S! pt 1  Womens health, sex education, abortion & birth control

Part 1/3 of our Women’s Health Series, we discuss abortion & and it’s history, birth control, and the need for access to preventative & wellness care. Peppered with variety as always.


Tidbits! The History Of 420

Crawford mans the MC Variety ship alone in a short update on what’s up with us, the history behind 420 and why womens health is important. Join me for an awkward “I’m just talking to myself” broadcast!


Episode 29: The History of Dr. Who Fighting Tacos & Eating Bears

The results are in from our poll on topics we should talk about. So here it is everyone, Tacos, History, Dr. Who! Bears almost made the cut, but not one to back down from a challenge, MC Variety Hour wrapped it all up in one neat little conversation. Join us!

Episode 28: Ides of March, St. Patty’s Day-ish! & Mean People Suck!

Episode 28! We discuss the Ides of March, School Safety & Bullies, Delve into some St. Patty’s Day Shenanigans, and finish up with talking about Stephen Hawking and rambling ideas on next weeks episode. Thanks for listening!

Episode 27: The NRA, Florida, Scandals &  Guns!

This week we converse about current events, the turn against the NRA, responsible gun ownership, pets, kids, rants, raves and of course, shenanigans.

Episode 26: Jet Setting Miles, Birth Control, Health, Kittahs & Rants!

This week we discuss the traveling Miles, Kittahs, Health & The Over Medication of Americans, Rants and of course, finish off with our favorite Raves of the week!

Episode 25: A Quarter!Alien Prisons, Recurring Dreams, Adult Cartoons,

Paranormal Stuffs, Variety!

Last weeks poll results are in! This week we discuss aliens, prisons, weird dreams, cartoons we dig, paranormal happenings, and a few other random topics.

Episode 24: Gun Control! (AGAIN) Love is in the air, Rants & Shenanigans

This week we discuss Gun Control (AGAIN), Valentine’s Day, Rants, Raves and give our weekly shoutouts.

Episode 23: Parades, Asteroids, Theories of the Universe, Teeth for Beavers, & True or Untrue?

This week in true variety hour fashion we discuss Military Parades, near passes from Asteroids, Beavers with teeth and just how long do we think Larry Nassar will survive in prison?

Episode 22: Webb Weaving- Part 3 of Drugs in America, News we like, & Kill, Marry, Screw!

This week we further discuss Drugs in America and the role they have played in certain communities, America’s love for installing governments and #lureawareness.Sources of news we like, Some podcast shoutouts and a fun game or 2 of Kill, Marry, Screw! Join us for another hour of variety!

Episode 21: Weaving the Webb Part 2 of 3, Journalism, Contras & the 80’s!

Miles & Crawford are back this week to continue our series on Drugs in America and their origins. Part 2 of a 3 part series takes us through the 80’s where we discuss the Contras, The dangers of Investigative Journalism, Just Say No, and get off track into rants and raves about…. you guessed it! A variety of things.

downloadEpisode 20: The Webb Gary Wove, Origin of Drugs, Twitter Shenanigans & Coffee!!

This week we delve into the subject of the government’s role in the illegal drug trade, flooding communities with drugs, then veer off into podcast land and the Twitter Shenanigans we have had this week, then finish off talking about the shutdown, along with other random conversation that takes us off track, as always.

Episode 19: Pursuit of Happiness in a Police State, Parenting, Housing & Politics + Coffee!

Miles & Crawford are back this week to talk about a range of topics including the pursuit of happiness, police states, reminiscing about the Darwinistic parenting 30 years ago vs now, inequality of the chance at becoming a politician, housing opportunities, comedians we like and the differences in communities. Not necessarily in that order but we get around to it.

Episode 18: The State of our Union, Abandoned Resolutions, return of MC Variety Hour in 2018!

20870-Let-GoMC Variety Hour is back in 2018! This week we discussed resolutions that we plan to break, the state of our fragile union, Civil War, Revolutions, and finish with gushing all about Doctor Who. Join us as we meander our way through a variety hour of conversation fueled by a high coffee intake.

Episode 17: Micro leads to Macro, Outrageous Culture, Holiday Plans, This week in Pervland, Politics and Caffeine!

CaptureMiles & Crawford are back celebrating a glorious 6 months ‘on the air’ and to talk about getting through the holidays, What’s happening this week in Pervland, Net Neutrality, How Micro leads to Macro, The Culture of Outrage, and some Politics sprinkled in! Join us as we journey through another hour-ish of witty banter and caffeine-infused opinions!

Episode 16: Legal vs. Societal Justice, Brock Turner Sucks, Variety Hour Shenanigans, Winning, and of course, COFFEE!


Miles and Crawford are back to entertain you with a true variety hour of witty banter and conversation that ranges wildly from serious topics and discussion about legal justice vs. what society doles out to those that ‘got away with it’, random shenanigans, guest appearances, winning money, and of course, who we hate the most this week. (It’s Brock Turner)

Episode 15: The Age of Aquarius, A Conscious Universe, Astronomy vs Astrology and Coffee!


Miles & Crawford are back this week to take a walk on the weirder side of things. Are we in the Age of Aquarius? We talk about Astronomy vs. Astrology, Pseudo-Science, Planet effects, touch on physics just a bit and then get distracted and meander into random topics before bringing it all full circle just as we do every week!

Episode 14: Election Cast!Voting Results, Change, Compromise, Be Kind!


Miles and Crawford dive into the fun election season of 2017 and of course we talk about a few other things in between.

Episode 13: Cursed Cast!Coffee, Pervywood, Gun Control, Voting, & Positive things!

this is fine

Miles & Crawford are back this week with lucky number 13! This week we share some of the positive things going on in the world, Reminding people to vote this coming week, (VOTE!) gun control, hunting, and some random chit chat that veers into wondering just what the hee-haw is going on in Pervywood. Join us as we meander our way through another hour of what makes up the Variety Hour!

Episode 12: Scarycast!Ladies with power, Leaning Left, Serial Killers, and George Bush Sr.’s Hands.

Remember_59be34_1168382Miles & Crawford are back yet again to regale listeners with our thoughts and meandering talk on current issues. This week we continued our focus on women and interesting stats on active duty women in particular. Inequality, Village style child rearing, Disparity, Serial Killers, and thoughts on George Bush Sr.’s sneaky hands. Join us as we meander through another fun hour of conversation and coffee.

Episode 11: Awesome Women, Double Standards, Caffeine, Pets, Coast 2 Coast Season 2 Opener!


MC Variety Hour is back with Season 2 for another amazing hour of discussing that which needs to be discussed! This week we went coast to coast and rocked it like a hurricane! We discussed amazing women in time, our role in society in history and now, current news, random stuff, and maybe our pets show up for an appearance!

Episode 10: Women! Equality! Suffrage!Progress? Season Ender!


Miles and Crawford make their glorious return from their month sabbatical with the topic of women’s rights around the world! Heavily caffeinated late at night, this is also our season ender episode with Season 2 starting next week! This week we touched on Suffrage, equal pay, working in male-dominated fields, The Feminine Mystique, The Mental Load and seriously… How to pronounce Phenomenon, *spoiler alert* No cowbells in this episode, folks!

Episode 9: Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll, Hurricanes, Sex Ed, and Caffeine!

Mile24-Hour-Tees.Sex-Drugs-Rock-n-Roll_Preview-600x600.jpgs and Crawford are back this time with sound issues fixed! This episode we talk about Sex, Drugs, & Rock n’ Roll. We take a conversational stroll through ancient and modern sex,

sex faces, virginity auctions, sex ed, eunuchs, creepers, Ambien sex, and why don’t flat e

arth society members accept gay members on their dating site? Hurricanes, wildfires, solar flares, earthquakes… what is going on in the world?! Join us as we try to make it through an hour of conversation that starts off as one thing and always ends with an another!

Episode 8: Racism, Heritage, Ugly Crying, Lamps & Back to Garrett!

0ZQ8w6O8MC Variety Hour is back this time with another enthralling episode where we meander through a conversation about Racism, current events in the news, White Supremacy, veer off into ugly crying, passion for ugly lamps, and finally get back to Garrett.

Episode 7: Conspiracies, Pocahantas, Chem Trails, Bullying and Coffee!

downloadMiles & Crawford are back yet again to regale listeners with their thoughts on Conspiracies! Why are male fertility rates so low in the western hemisphere? Are Chem Trails a thing? DidShakespeare write all those plays? Did the UK learn about Pocahontas? Have we confused bullying with peer pressure? Join us for another lively discussion that you never quite know what we will end on!

imagesEpisode 6: The Linguistics of Language, Coffee, Social Anxiety, Karma, Elders & Net Neutrality!

Miles & Crawford are back this week with a hilarious edition about the Linguistics of language! Where does our language come from and how do we communicate today? Why can’t we seem to pronounce anything correctly? What is so profane about profanity?! Highly caffeinated and full of ideas we tackle this complex topic with our usual method of meandering off topic(Rant about net neutrality incoming!)but tying it back in… somehow. Join us!

Episode 5: Vaginas, Books, Darwin Awards, Credit, and the Jersey Shore

5Miles and Crawford are back a mere fortnight later to regale listeners with their overly caffeinated opinions on news recently relevant, and maybe even a little history. Glitter Vaginas? Darwin Awards, The mentality of privilege, books we dig, and the Jersey Shore. Join us for a journey of random conversation in a garage.

Episode 4: Freedom, Debt, Prisons, (Coffee) Profit!


Miles and Crawford are back this week, coffee in hand to discuss the current state of freedom! This episode we meander through Private prisons, incarceration rates, monitoring, debt, and all of the other little things can lead to feeling just a little less free. What random unrelated conversation will we stray into this episode?

Episode 3: AOL, Caffeine, Nicotine and Death!


Miles and Crawford rant about working in the foodservice industry, smartphones and the good old days of AOL, give a shout out to Pride month, discuss the many ways people identify themselves and Meander through a conversation about death. How would we want to go? and where do we go? Topics swing wildly.. general randomness ensured with heavy doses of humor.

Episode 2: “Opiates, Coffee, Community!”


Miles & Crawford have learned a little more about podcasting this week! We talk about the current Opiate addiction in America, what can we do to help combat it, and help those recovering from it? Sprinkled heavily with dark humor and witty banter…Some topic straying may have occurred.

Episode 1: “The Variety Hour”

new cover

Miles & Crawford work the kinks out of their first podcast while meandering through a series of topics that never quite reach a conclusion. Join us on this fantastic journey of podcast mayhem!