Net Neutrality 

I have started several blogs since Friday and dismissed all of them as I was unable to come up with cohesive thought. There aremany things that are happening in our world these days and a lot to talk about. Today however is the day we talk about Net Neutrality.



For as much time as you have spent reading this you could of made a call, signed a petition, written a quick letter to your congress to let them know WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!

“But this doesn’t impact me” is the bullshittiest thing you could say. Every person who has ever shopped online, visited Facebook, amazon, paid their bill online, checked out a new link, found a new amazing website, discovered a new music site, listened to the radio online, listened to #podcasts, watched TV from their phone, streamed any kind of content, had to do research for work, for school, for their kids, for their kids school projects, had to look up information on google, checked out wiki for any and all reasons, reached out to a lost loved one, visited several pages to find them a best airline deal, hotel deal, best place to visit in the world, has ever wondered what the hype about Reddit is, WordPress, LiveJournal, Weebly, tried to create their own business online, extended the reach of their base through the internet, and the list goes on and on and on.

These things will not only come to a halt but will cost you money every time you go outside of ‘your limits’. We are working finally on uncapped data from our cellphones and to hurt us they have decided that they will find a new way to charge us for what should be and is FREE.

Call yourself a patriot? Believe in FREEDOM? Believe that the people have the power? SHOW THEM!

We will take this to the streets, we will all turn off our cellphones, we will oppose their actions so I beg of you, GO SUPPORT NET NEUTRALITY!