Welcome Us to Patreon!

Well friends Season 2 of our podcast finally launched! We are starting to feel better about a few of our things but we have a long way to go still and we know that. We have decided that it is time for us to join Patreon and try to get some support for us to continue on this full season and next. Anyone who would like to throw some support our way can gladly do so at this following website below.


We will help do shout outs, recommendations, and are trying to grow our fan base little by little. We can do this and we know we can. We are not asking for much but are asking for a simple $1-$10 per month donation. We know the struggles of these times and there is so many friends and family members to support and all we ask is that perhaps we take a little bit of that soda pop money and give it to us.

We love you all, continue to look forward to our updates and tomorrow a new blog will be out.. Thank you for all your love, support, and listening ears. xoxo